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   Oaxaca Wednesday
Wednesday, February 7 2018
Gretchen returned from New York City at about 1:30am, while I was fast asleep. She took Neville out for a late-night walk, which wasn't enough to keep him from waking me up at 6:00am with a need to poop.
There was enough snow falling this morning that the bookstore (which doesn't sell many books on a Wednesday in winter) decided to be closed for the day, meaning Gretchen didn't have to do her usual Wednesday shift. She'd been planning on bringing Neville so as to give me a break from two days of non-stop dog sitting. But now she could do all that from home. [REDACTED]

By the time I went to check the mail, the snow had turned to rain and forming a crunchy crust on the two or three inches of snow.
This evening, Gretchen made corn tortillas from scratch (using a tortilla press and corn meal, among a few other things). She also made a crema from ground-up cashews and roasted vegetables (mostly onions, mushrooms, and broccoli). With a smear of refried beans, some salsa, and hot sauce, it made for an amazing Oaxaca Wednesday. Both Gretchen and I ate five such tacos each, and this was on top of a lupper I'd had comprised of a much crappier mini-burrito built on the dubious foundation of a Hannaford-brand whole-wheat tortilla (a shelf-stable product Gretchen refuses to eat).

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