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   too much salt in the dipping sauce
Thursday, February 22 2018
This evening Gretchen taught her first class in an actual prison since being squeezed out of the Bard Prison Initiative back in 2012. This time she taught at a prison near Gardner (that is, east of the Shawangunks), and she did so in the capacity of a volunteer. While she'll be earning no money for now, Gretchen has a talent for insinuating herself indispensibly into organizations, eventually getting a job with an actual paycheck. At some point today (obviously while not in the prison, where internet technology is forbidden), Gretchen sent a message saying she would be really hungry when she returned home tonight at 9:30pm. So this evening, a couple hours into a record-length remote-workplace happy hour, I went downstairs to see what I could assembled from our abundant supply of frozen prepared food. I decided for a Marco-Polo feasts, with a Vegan Harvest vegan pizza so fancy it referred to itself primarily as "flatbread." That was the Italian end of the Marco Polo's journey. For Chinese end, there was a package of thin "egg rolls." I knew that the latter would require some sort of dipping sauce, or Gretchen would never let me live it down. (This harkens back to an occasion when Gretchen labored for hours in the kitchen making something delicious only for me to ask, "Is there a dipping sauce?") So I found a recipe online calling for six tablespoons of soy sauce, a quarter cup of rice vinegar, two teaspoons of sesame oil, and some quantity of sugar. I replaced the sugar with several squirts of Sriracha and couldn't find the rice vinegar and used plum vinegar instead. That last substitution was my main mistake, as plum wine also contains salt. Still, it was a good meal, mostly on the strength of that pizza.
Meanwhile, the beautiful weather we'd enjoyed for several days had been replaced with first sleet and then snow. It never accumulated enough to be dangerous, but it would've been nice to have a long stretch of unseasonably warm weather to balance that thing that happened back in January.
I'm loyal to my workplace colleagues on Thursday night, so even after Gretchen came home, I let her watch teevee by herself while I continued socializing and drinking with them in our happy video chat until well past midnight local time.

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