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   February 2018

01: impressive-though-still-somewhat-janky - The nature of the title of someone mentioned in the redacted section.
02: thinking of uterus - A hilarious custom coffee cup arrives for Gretchen.
03: marijuana tea and movies - A fun Saturday spent mostly relaxing, watching two movies, and eating homemade Indian food.
04: wrong movie - Watching Slackers instead of Slacker.
05: fancier every time I go there - The Hurley Ridge wine store is not for people like me.
06: delicious feeling shower - When the house is cold and you're hungover, nothing feels as good as a shower.
07: Oaxaca Wednesday - Homemade tortillas on a wintery-mix Wednesday.
08: Neville's anti-cat behavior - At least it's easier for me to sleep in the recuperation fort.
09: seemingly to imbalance the feng shui - Another fairly good restaurant in Saugerties.
10: if a price looks suspiciously low - Don't buy cheap SSDs from China; they will make you sad.
11: it's 20-fucking-18 - An errand to retrieve Neville from a bookstore that turns out to be leaking.
12: smart quotes strike again - Does Microsoft hate the Irish?
13: recuperation fort dismantled - Neville's knees pass their eight week exam. And Ramona gets trapped in the house.
14: Black Mirrorish movies on a plane - A good way to pass the time when it's physically impossible to drink alcohol.
15: the drunken streets of Venice - Following a irrelevant presentation at the Google campus, I have a series of adventures culminating with a ride in an Uber Pool.
16: fifty in Los Angeles - Definitely the best birthday of my entire life.
17: Pepto Bismol miracle - Flying home from Los Angeles with a terrible hangover.
18: Ramona hasn't forgotten the greenhouse - She still goes down there on sunny winter days all by herself.
19: feline vomit aversion - Unlike dogs, cats lose their appetite in the presence of puke.
20: as annoying as second-hand smoke - Warm days in winter are great, unless they happen soon after a recent mass shooting.
21: South American Mammals - The most interesting continent for understanding the palimpsest of evolution.
22: too much salt in the dipping sauce - I make a Marco Polo meal for Gretchen after her first real prison teaching gig in over five years.
23: the limitations of so-called chrooted jail - Also, the only shows that Gretchen and I watch that started out as interests of mine.
24: Chili Bowl, 2018 - We get a couple bowls and some spicy, burnt chili.
25: hurrying through the all-natural tortillas - Before the mold steals them all.
26: finding myself procrastinating - So I drink caffeine to get back on task.
27: typical Tuesday - Server crises and an unusable eBay item.
28: schema browser - A useful tool, built quickly. Also, a Neville pickup in a tight window in my schedule.