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Tuesday, April 2 2019
At around noon I went on a stroll to the new location of the glass business that used to be near my workplace. The air was still a bit colder than it should've been for this time of year. But at least it was sunny. That made my auto-darkening glasses look like shades, which gives me the appearance of much more of a bad-ass than I actually am. So when I walked into the glass business and there was nobody there but a vulnerable-looking receptionist at a desk, I tried to do what I could to with my body language to demonstrate that I wasn't about to rape or rob her then and there, though I think this all made me look even more suspicious. Nevertheless, I was able to place an order for two sheets of glass measuring 60.5 by 36.625 inches. They were $118 each, which seemed a bit expensive, but I didn't feel like shopping around for a glass shop that would be less convenient.
I had two major breakthroughs in my professional work today which made me feel a lot better about the career I've chosen and this job in particular. These both led to the correction of bugs in the Electron app I've been building for the past four months. The first of these was the correction of the calculation of an index in an array, which had to have one additional level of indirection to work (something I'd overlooked in the original Python). The other fixed a bug caused by the fact that much of the object processing in Javascript happens by reference and not by value. Unless I made a deep copy of an object before stuffing its data into another object that would ultimately be written to a pipe-delimited file, many of the constituent pieces of data would be overwritten.
On the drive home, I did one of the chores that Gretchen normally does, swinging by Brewster Street to pick up a rent check. I then stopped at Beer Universe just to buy a road beer and ended up buying a six pack. When I put the rent check in the bank at the Hurley Avenue branch of the Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union, it seemed they didn't have a public bathroom. So my enjoyment of my Jai Alai India Pale Ale (it was excellent) was tempered somewhat by the desperate need to urinate. I'd had a little ephedra tea earlier, and that shit really makes you want to piss.
I was able to lose the dogs in the forest on their evening walk, which is always good (so long as they don't tree a bear).
Tonight's household chore was beginning the painting of the steps to the second floor. Since these steps cannot be rendered impassible, I could not paint them all at once. So I just painted a narrow strip up the west side and then a wider patch at the top of the stairs that I could cover with a board (so as to keep the cats and dogs from walking on it). That board also served to steer the dogs and cats away from the west side of the steps, meaning I didn't actually have to cover that part. This strategy wasn't guaranteed, but it still mostly worked.

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