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   cracked lower magnesium shell
Sunday, April 14 2019 [REDACTED]
I spent a good part of the afternoon transplanting parts between two of my five Compaq Elitebook 2740ps. I'd recently gotten one that proved to have a cracked lower magnesium shell, a problem I wanted to fix by replacing it with a known good lower shell. I also wanted to consolidate some of the better parts together into Hyrax, my best 2740p. I'd never actually moved a motherboard from one lower shell to another and doing so showed me that their connection is not as necessarily intimate as I'd thought. This means I could, if I wanted to, move the guts of a 2640p into my own custom case. This is the kind of thing I would want to be able to do if I started treating these old (but powerful) laptops as high-end Raspberry Pis with built-in screens, which is the reason I have so many of them.

Rains came through but then stopped, and by then I wanted the sort of exercise one gets from outdoor work. I have little need for more firewood these days, but I did want to cut up a big rotten hemlock that had snapped off and fallen over near the northeast corner of the yard. Based on the branches with green needles, the tree had been partially alive, though much of the trunk was punky with decay. I used my big battery-powered chainsaw to cut a path through the middle, generally bucking the wood into woodstove-compatible sizes in case I decide to burn some of it. But hemlock is not the sort of wood I normally seek when looking for firewood.
When she got home, Gretchen and I cobbled together a meal from spinach-colored spaghetti, sauteed mushrooms and onions, leftover Miyoko cheese from yesterday's poetry reading in Woodstock, and some old cream sauce that may have started to go bad. It made for a pretty good dinner, and we ate it while watching a pre-recorded episode of James Holzhauer continuing to be the unstoppable white-toothed menace he has been for the past week.

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