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Friday, April 12 2019
As I'd mentioned, the original plan was to have spent last night in the City (at Marissa's place), but scheduling conflicts meant we'd had to come home last night instead. But since I'd planned to be driving home leisurely this morning, I could still get up late and go to work whenever the hell I felt like it. I brought a frozen burrito with me so I would have something vegan to eat when the inevitable Friday pizza thing happened.
I got to work at 11:00am and was greeted by the moldy stench of my trashcan, which inevitably goes septic after I throw enough wet teabags into it. I took it and the main office trash bag out to the dumpster. The office attitude towards wastes is rather different from mine. If I were at home, I'd be composting all those teabags, extracting grounds from the used Keurig cartridges, and burning the enormous amount of cardboard that accumulates. But no, all this stuff ends up in the dumpster (though I think there is a separate dumpster for paper waste that might be recycled).
I left work a little after 5:00pm and, after getting gas and a road beer at the Red Hook Stewart's, I drove straight home. Eventually it began to rain as a warm airmass moved in from the south.

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