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Wednesday, April 3 2019
I brought both dogs (Ramona and Neville) to work today, and I can say after a fair amount of experience now that bringing two dogs to work is definitely harder than bringing just one. The two-dog dynamic is worst when I go to walk them. Today I had them out in the back, in a sunken plain where the village does things like store gravel and dump unwanted tree trunks and the insides of cast-iron boilers. The two dogs quickly got separated, and that's always a problem because neither responds when called to. I went into a minute-long panic when Neville (a high-visibility mostly-white dog) couldn't be seen in any direction in a mostly-open landscape. But then there he was, snuffling around in a place known to have animal burrows, looking up with a guilty look on his face when I called for him but otherwise ignoring me. It was a similar situation in the parking area out in front of the building, where both dogs liked to head in different directions and getting them to go back inside was akin to the proverbial herding of cats. Worst of all, I know they know better than to behave this way. But there's never any consequences for their misbehavior. If I were raising a kid he would grow up to be another douchebag Donald Trump.
Beyond all that, the dogs were generally restless, even in the office. On one occasion while I was trying to work, Ramona kept moaning at me. This usually means she just wants eye contact, but this time she desperately needed to go diarrhea, something I didn't know until I took her outside. I also took both dogs with me on a noontime Hannaford run just to break up the monotony, but when I tried to walk them in the forest at the end of a dead-end road in back (41.981524, -73.880279), they started doing their annoying herd o' cats bullshit.
I don't know if this has ever happened at my present workplace, but I had my second good day in a row. I finally feel like I have command over this big stupid Electron app, like I know how to debug it and quickly repair identified bugs. The previous serious bug (technically it was a set of bugs) had taken a week to diagnose and fix (which finally happened yesterday), while today a fundamental bug was identified and fixed in a single day.
I left work just after 4:00pm, giving me enough time to go out of my way and visit the Tibetan Center thrift store on the way home. It was a beautiful springlike afternoon and I could hear the spring peepers carrying on in whatever wetlands (surround the Tibetan Center. As for stuff to get, I considered getting a set of shelving units made of metal mesh panels (I already have one such set) but figured the woman working there would overcharge me. If I'm going to buy something like that (or an expensive-looking piece of electronics) I'll wait for Rob to be the cashier. He always seems eager to get rid of the things I am interested in buying. I did, however, find a couple high-power 12 volt wall warts (one rated one amp and the other rate one point five amps), so of course I got both of them. $1 each seemed reasonable when the non-Rob cashier rang me up.
Back at the house, I took the dogs for a post-work walk down the Gulleys Trail and then back along the Stick Trail, all within the range of my computer's FM transmitter. I've really been enjoying True Crime Loser's coverage of the Phil Markoff crime spree.
Later I made a lot more progress on painting the steps to the second floor. By using additional things (broom handles, boxes, etc.) I was able to mostly block animal traffic on the east half of the steps so that paint could dry there in peace. The only glitch in this plan came when Diane the Cat decided to scamper up a narrow unblocked section of fresh paint, but by then it had mostly dried and only one pad of one of her toes was besmirched (something I was able to rectify before she had the opportunity to track it everywhere).
My diet today was particularly unhealthy, consisting chiefly of salted cashews, Ritz chipotle crisps, and most of a loaf of delicious sour-dough white bread, and that's not even counting all the beers and booze.

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