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Friday, April 19 2019
Things started off nicely at work when we all learned that we'd be getting off at 2:00pm today due to the fact that it was the Easter weekend (though there would be no days off related to either the big Christian nor Jewish holidays that would be coinciding. Later I had my yearly "performance review" with my boss (and long time work partner) Alex, which went about as good as such things do. "I didn't say you walked on water," he began. And then he seemed embarrassed by the whole process. I have more or less delivered a product that had eluded the company for years, and, though it's taken months, I've been able to do it without much impacting the work of anyone else. It's a good time to be coming into annual reviews!
At lunch, Jake went around asking if people wanted pizza, as getting it from Salvatore's has become a weekly Friday ritual. I've been trying to avoid participating because I'm, well, a vegan, but today I asked if perhaps we could get some spaghetti with marinara, since I could definitely eat that. As things are, the pizza run always included a dairy-free (but not vegetarian) sandwich for Marc, who is so lactose-intolerant there is Daiya cheese in the office refrigerator. The head honcho is in Amsterdam, so Alex was in charge, and he agreed to have the office pay for that spaghetti even though only I would be eating it. It ended up being an enormous helping of spaghetti, of which I only ate about half. It also came with a delightfully trashy salad (with lots of iceberg lettuce and a little plastic dish of oily Italian dressing), which I liked a lot more than I expected to.
Also in the office today was Hunter, who normally works remotely from Sacramento. He and Alex found a couple little bugs in my app to fix, and I almost fixed them all before sneaking out at 2:00pm.

It being the first night of Passover, Gretchen and I mostly dined tonight on matzo pizza, though she also cooked up a big pot of broccoli so we'd have something a little less bolus-forming in our intestines. I'd been drinking since nearly 2:00pm, but I didn't want to have a hangover, so at some point I stopped, after which I gradually developed a headache. A headache is the usual result if I start drinking early in the day, particularly if I stop. The headache isn't a hangover, precisely. I think it's the result of dehydration, though I can't really be sure.

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