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Sunday, April 21 2019
When I woke up this morning, my guts still weren't full recovered from whatever their problem had been yesterday. I thought maybe a hearty soup would be a good way to start the day, so I busted into a can of Amy's quinoa, kale, and red lentil, which I ate with corn chips.
But things got progressively worse after that. By then the problem was no longer centered in my stomach but had become more of a diffuse malaise in my body. It made me want to climb into bed, which I ended up doing multiple times. I was too weak to do useful chores around the house or the writing I've made a habit of forcing myself to do. Meanwhile, I was installing Debian Linux on one of my Compaq Elitebook 2740ps partly because I needed a respectable Debian machine to compile OpenWRT images on. Elitebook 2740ps are good machines in Moore's Law's terminal moraine.
At some point I managed to bring the big panes of glass that need to go on the face of the broken solar panel up to the laboratory. But I was exhausted by the effort, suggesting this was not the best day to do the installation. The weather initially seemed good for this task, as it was overcast and in the 60s. But as I assembled a wooden "easel" designed to lie on the good part of the solar panel to hold the glass just before I installed it, a sputtering drizzle began to fall. I was not going to be installing that glass in the rain, no matter how light.

Eventually I took a long nap lasting from about 2:30pm to 5:00pm, and when I awoke from that, I felt almost completely restored. I needed to eat something but didn't want to eat any matzo, so I made myself a burrito using a rice tortilla toasted directly on the gas stove. I stuffed it with refried beans, sauerkraut, Italian peperoncino peppers, and lots of romaine lettuce. This seemed to be the perfect balance of ingredients given the fragile state of my digestive track. I've found sauerkraut in particular is almost always a good idea, suggesting it might actually be a necessary input for someone of mostly German descent (at least, that was the jest I made about this to Gretchen after she and Neville got back from the bookstore).
Jim Holzhauer had a bad game on the episode of Jeopardy we watched this evening, but even so he ended the game with over $80,000. He's an order of magnitude better at this game than anyone else, which has led me to wonder if perhaps he is getting some sort of assistance from a collaborator across an wireless connection. The fact that he's a successful Las Vegas gambler is, I feel, evidence in support of this conspiracy theory. The level of investment in electronic cheats in Las Vegas is probably substantial, and all the best players would be taking advantage of them. Gretchen thinks I am being kooky when I say such things. But if there is a scandal about Holzhauer at some point, I definitely want to be able to say "I told you so."

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