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Tuesday, May 4 2021
Gretchen and Powerful drove up to Albany to meet with someone regarding the master's degree Powerful is pursuing. Meanwhile I continued to tinker with my hardware and configurations in hopes of making the Angular app from hell compile faster. I'd taken delivery of a LGA 1155 motherboard the other day, and today I took delivery of a Core i5-3570, the exact same processor that runs Woodchuck. I was hoping it would boost the speed and thermal performance of the Core i5-2500 I was using in Wolverine. I was hoping to put the 3570 in the LGA 1155 motherboard and then have that become the new brains of Wolverine. But when I went to hook up that motherboard, I made a startling discovery: it lacked a normal 20-pin ATX power connector. Its biggest power connector only had six pins, and there were multiple four-pin power connectors in various places. I tried hooking up a conventional ATX power supply to the places where I could, but the motherboard wouldn't power up. So I couldn't use that. Next I tried installing the Core i5-3570 processor in the existing Wolverine motherboard. But when I did that, all it would do was make an ominous series of beeps (they sounded like a variation on the famous opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth). I ended up not upgrading Wolverine at all. But there was one benefit to all this effort: when I put the heat sink back on the processor, I used fresh new heat sink compound, and the result was the processor now ran much more cooly. It had been spiking above 95 degrees C when I would do npm builds. Now, though the processor never got above 57 degrees C. This meant the processor would no longer be forced to throttle due to excessive heat, which means it would be able to do more work per unit of time.
I took advantage of my alone time the way I often do: by taking recreational pseudoephedrine and then mixing in first alcohol and then nuggets of ingested cannabis. Gretchen could tell I was in an altered state when she saw me after she and Powerful returned from Albany. While there, Gretchen had gotten me a vegan reuben from the Hollow Bar & Kitchen made with convincing faux corned beef.
We had several storms come through in the evening with occasional periods of torrential rain.

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