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   garden started 2021
Friday, May 21 2021
After a day of importing edge cases with The Taxinator, the tax importing software I wrote (my main achievement at my present job), I immediately launched into a outdoor chore jihad. Gretchen's parents would be coming on Saturday, and I wanted the lawn mowed and the garden started for the season before they arrived. I mowed the area we always mow just west of the house, and I also mowed the main garden plots so that it would be easier to till (it's hard to bury turf when it has tall plants attached to it). Then, when I was done mowing, I dug a large west-east trench near a couple feet from the north edge of the main plot and buried all the kitchen compost in it. Some of this was actually composted, though all the recent stuff had gone septic and nasty, producing unpleasant anærobic smells. None of that mattered to me; I buried it all. Plants really don't care how composted the compost is; that seems to be mostly a human preference.
Next I added the night soil from the brownhouse, all of which had been composting for about a year in a drum composter. The top stuff was fully composted, but down deeper in the pile there were some unpleasant fragrances (though not anywhere near as bad as raw human shit). I put the most-composted humanure on the garden surface and buried nastier stuff beneath clumps of soil.
A couple days ago Gretchen had gotten a few starter plants from the Hudson Valley Seed Company, and I proceeded to plant everything she'd bought except for four peper plants. This included nine tomatoes and eight brassicas. This wasn't all that many plants, and the main plot of the garden still has room for a couple more rows. I didn't bother to till any of the east plot of the garden, the one started by Powerful last year. Still, I'd done a lot. It had taken me two and a half hours and left me filthy with dirt, compost, and humanure and drenched in sweat.

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