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   May 2021

01: post-pandemic socializing in Palenville - We all get together to try hot sauces and hold a baby born during the pandemic.
02: maybe the leak-stopping feature actually worked - A mystery fluid leak from the Subaru and a half-inch wall for my plumbing storage.
03: three different things made of shit - A rather hard day in the remote office, followed by some post-pandemic socializing.
04: unexpected thermal improvements - Wanting to replace a processor and motherboard, I fail at both, but I get an upgrade anyway.
05: drunk evening aftermath - Cat tracks from wet paint and an unmissed two by four.
06: cement mine east of Kingston - My boss and I walk dogs near his new home on the Rondout.
07: brief doggy crush - Hurricane the dog doesn't think much of me until he sees my laboratory.
08: Stony Creek - Gretchen shows me a new place she's found, which ends up being close to the next north-south road to the west.
09: La Cantina de Oso - Gretchen shows me a new place she's found, which ends up being close to the next north-south road to the west.
10: mouse heads with legs - I keep seeing baby mice, and Diane keeps torturing them.
11: a year out - We take Powerful out for burgers and fries at restaurant he finds delightfully loud and festive.
12: fuck you, Dell Optiplex - You can't fry my fan!
13: my kind of computer nostalgia - What goes into deep storage and what I might want to tinker with.
14: not how I got to where I am today - I'm not the kind of person who doesn't do something just because I don't know how.
15: different kind of sausage party - Stereo vision fun during an early post-pandemic dinner party.
16: a procedure cats never seem to like - Having to wash off Diane's feet again.
17: none of this stuff is actually magic - Though technology can seem that way at first.
18: twenty dollar lunch in Red Hook - Gretchen gets some rare alone time while Powerful is still living with us.
19: Athlon 64's strata in the eWaste - Decommissioning a computer I have no reason to ever use again.
20: taking my peeps to the precipice above the Hudson - I show off the new hiking place I learned about from my boss Alex.
21: garden started 2021 - In two and a half hours, I mow the grass, dispose of all the compost (including composted humanure) and plant much of the garden.
22: post-pandemic parent visit - Also, fixing a broken plastic chair.
23: bimi bop - Driving into the nearby Catskills with Gretchen's parents in an electric car.
24: cool day in May - The in-laws leave, I do some gardening, and I read about the semiconductor shortage.
25: grimy apartments in Albany - Powerful and Gretchen go up to the capital district to look for a place for him to live while getting his master's degree.
26: independent radio benefit at a drive-in movie theatre - Where we realize we don't really understand DJ art.
27: Thursday like a pseudoephedrine Friday - Also, finishing planting the 2021 garden.
28: Chevy Bolt from Waterbury - We needed an electric car with greater range.
29: Lowes garden supply shopping in a Chevy Bolt - There's not a lot of cargo space in that little electric car.
30: post-pandemic thruple dinner party - Also, getting more planters to set atop deck railings.
31: completely swallowed by the forest - Though it was still too rainy to do anything about it.