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   cool day in May
Monday, May 24 2021
After a brief breakfast at which nobody was hungry, Gretchen's parents climbed into their Hyundai Kona and headed off to their next destination, the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia, where there would be a place to charge. For somebody like Gretchen's father who was unlikely to let his gas tank drop below 25%, driving an electric car has been an exercise in anxiety management.
I spent most of the day doing the thing I most prefer doing: handling minor emergencies regarding municipal real estate tax databases. I'm good at solving technical problems under pressure, particularly when nobody else can. I've been working nearly 33 months at this company, I'm still not the only one who knows how to deal with such emergencies; the only ones that are my exclusive domain are legacy products involving Linux.
After work, I planted the Italian basil and the kohlrabi we'd bought at Sunfrost and then immediately took a hot bath, partly to clean the dirt out from beneath my fingernails. The day had been sunny but cooler than normal for this time of year, and a hot bath made sense in a way that it wouldn't've yesterday. Celeste the Cat must've been sleeping in the little bathroom closet (which occupies the partial-height space above the stairs) because she emerged at some point and loudly wanted to get out. As always, I'd taken my Chromebook into the bath with me and was reading responses on from people dealing with the ongoing global post-pandemic semiconductor shortage, which is also affecting the availability of new cars (and driving up the prices of used cars). Meanwhile, Gretchen and I will soon be buying a 2017 Chevy Bolt, an all-electric car with a 240 mile range, which will make it capable of reaching the Adirondacks (which our 100-mile-range Nissan Leaf is not; we'll be selling that).

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