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   drunk evening aftermath
Wednesday, May 5 2021
Last night I'd done some drunken work in the laboratory that came to me as a bit of a surprise once I saw the results this morning. I'd repainted a large patch of yellow on the floor tight against the east ceiling-wall but then hadn't taken pains to keep cats from walking through it, which of course one of them had. There were a few light prints on other color patches in a path that went up the steps to the teevee room, and there were a few fading tracks on the floor there as well. I was able to clean the prints off the white colors and paint over the prints on darker colors, but the whole time I was tsk-tsking the guy I'd been last night. Another thing I'd done was to use the oscillating saw to cut away an unncessary piece of two-by-four under the top step of the steps to the laboatory deck, back behind where I keep my Ahmed Mohamed clock. I'd actually done a good job on that, and it means I'll be able to add a fourth under-step drawer to those steps.

On Monday I hadn't gotten the memo that Gretchen and I would be going to Jeff & Alana's house for drinks and appetizers, and so when Gretchen came home from the bookstore, she found me a third of the way into making a spaghetti dinner. I immediately mothballed the operation, which I resumed tonight. I even did the thing where I added broccoli to the pasta part-way through cooking it so we'd have a vegetable built-in to the meal.
All the spattering oil from the frying pan forced me to do some cleaning up around the stove knobs, and this apparently sent water to a sensitive place in igniter system, which then started sparking constantly whether I was trying to light a burner or not. After doing some internet research on the problem, I managed to solve it my own way. I dumped some rubbing alcohol down into where water had gotten in around the stem of one of the knobs, hopefully displacing the water with something that would evapaorate away quickly. This solved the problem immediately, much faster than expected.

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