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Friday, May 14 2021
I've tabled trying to get my mind around the Angular frontend of the sprawling app I have partially-inherited from the Ukranians and have turned my attention to the data migration, which is written in C#. I don't know much about C#; only yesterday I was asking one of the Ukranians how to be sure a file gets included in an application's "resources," which are apparently just files in its directory that it addresses with a dot notation (one where dots replace slashes in path names). The Ukranian was so dismayed at how little I apparently knew that he said I should find someone with more knowledge of C# to do what I was doing. Ouch! But not doing things because I don't know how is not how I got to where I am today. By the end of the day, I actually had a sense of how to improve the code I'd inherited. My improvement would make it use alternative SQL scripts for some customers if they happen to be present in the directory structure and to use default all-customer scripts if they weren't present.
It was a gorgeous, nearly perfect day, with temperatures in the 70s and plenty of sunlight. Unfortunately, the only real experience I had of it was going out to check the mail. I can always hear the labored engine of the mail truck as it climbs Dug Hill Road, and that's my signal it's time to get up and go to the mailbox. In the mail today there were some new rechargeable lithium batteries for my Nikon super-zoom camera, which I've been using to take pictures of hummingbirds. Also in the mail was an 8 gigabyte stick of DDR3 RAM, which I put in Tenrec, one of the other computers with a Windows 10 file system similar to Wolverine and my work-issued laptop.
Late in the day, I added another door to the shelving unit near the middle of the laboratory's western ceiling-wall, and onto this door I added a set of 39 hardware bins, the kind with the small plastic drawers that can be filled with nails, bolts, capacitors, Raspberry Pis, or diamonds. I now have so many such bins that I have less use for my decades-old bins with broad categorization rules such as "nuts, bolts, washers, and machine screws." For months now I've had separate bins for all the types of small metric screws, and I try to sort things into them when they match. (I can usually tell at a glance whether a screw is metric or not; there's something about the pitch of the threads that gives it away.)

This evening I got pretty lit drinking by myself in the laboratory, and eventually I went down to the greenhouse to stay up late watching YouTube videos. Inevitably my eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep. I noticed, by the way, that there's a faint aroma of mouse urine in the blankets down there. That's not good.

A hummingbird at the feeder today.

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