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Tuesday, June 1 2021
Powerful drove up to Albany to check out a possible housing opportunity and, will wonders never cease, he found it acceptable. It will cost $400/month to share an apartment with a single housemate in an already-furnished place and the rent covers utilities. Meanwhile here in the Hudson Valley we had had a beautiful spring day. Too bad my four-day weekend didn't continue, though I can't say I worked very hard. I took a number of breaks, mostly to do plant-related tasks. I'm really excited about the deck-railing-mounted planters. The high angle of sun in the summer opens up new possibilities for planters to go that I hadn't really considered before, such as railings on decks only reachable from the laboratory (which are normally shady in the winter months).
I was in the bathtub tonight and got sick of my usual web haunts, so I played a rousing game of New York Times Spelling Bee. The panagram was "unicolor" and it yielded some fun words, such as "unicorn."

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