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   third anniversary of Bloody Thursday
Monday, June 14 2021

In the middle of the night last night, a series of thunderstorms blew through. There wasn't much wind associated with them but there was a lot of rain and a power outage that turned off all the non-laptop computers.
Throughout the day, I had weird issues with my upper digestive system. It felt a little like acid reflux, but it didn't have such painful acute peaks and was more like a feeling of pressure, and, though it wasn't that bad and might've been more psychological than real, it was genuinely distracting. I also might've been a little upset after an argument with Marc, our oldest, crankiest developer, who has never seen code he didn't write that he doesn't think should be rewritten. We disagreed on whether JSON should be stored in databases. (I'm in favor and he's not.)

Gretchen picked up Chinese food from the Little Bear at the end of her bookstore shift. Powerful was sleeping at the time, so after eating some of it in the dining room, Gretchen and I went upstairs to watch Jeopardy!.

Today marked the third anniversary of "Bloody Thursday," the day the entire Mercy For Animals backend team was fired just for pissing off Matt Rice, the MFA president who would himself be fired only a couple months later. So the four of us who still occasionally get together for diaspora happy hour got together tonight. There was even a dramatic reading [REDACTED] of the infamous "North Korea" email I sent to everyone in the company the night before I would be fired. What's new in the diaspora? Allison is still living in Miami, though she now has a serious boyfriend to whom she says she is "engaged." Cameron is single and still working remotely for MFA, now from Fort Collins, Colorado. And Dan is still a stay-at-home house-husband, though he and his family will be on the road later this summer and may even pay me a visit when he swings by Woodstock to see his sister.

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