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   June 2021

01: decks only reachable from the laboratory - Fun places to put deck railing planters.
02: Gretchen's first post-pandemic trip to NYC - Now that we have immunity, we can do such things.
03: Thursday beer and pizza - With Gretchen away, I introduce Powerful to my kind of bachelor meal.
04: pseudoephedrine and leftover pizza - Also, even more deck railing planters.
05: eight car batteries in deep storage - Another pizza, some mulching, and more laboratory organizing.
06: all thumbs when it comes to recording video - But we record ourselves singing along to the Beatles' birthday song.
07: a complex and poorly-documented special case - Back working with a programming language I haven't really worked with in 20 years.
08: delivery-vanified - I take the back seats out of the Chevy Bolt so I can pick up a washing machine from an hour away.
09: cheap Chinese scooters have regenerative braking - A little pre-storm ride on my electric scooter.
10: little old ladies - Passing them in the no-passing zone and wondering how they managed to lose all the important paperwork in their lives.
11: the box of our bedroom acting like a speaker - Unusually sleepy, an unexpected elbow injury, and my boss's father's case of coronavirus worsens.
12: two types of sunflower seeds and an embarrassing piss stain - Gretchen spends the nice away, so I get some supplies so I can drink booze and make myself a pizza.
13: attack of the friendly deer - A makeshift fence goes up just a little too late.
14: third anniversary of Bloody Thursday - Celebrating in the diaspora.
15: a new cabin and a minor cellphone crisis - Gretchen drives the Chevy Bolt to the new cabin site north of Gloversville to watch the house be put together.
16: signficantly stronger than water - The surface tension of the coolant in the Subaru as it heads off to the heater core.
17: which side of the nipple - Another attempt at fixing the Subaru fluid leak, and learning something about class inheritance in C#.
18: the social skills of Frieda the Friendly Deer - She has somehow convinced Neville the Dog that she is a member in good standing of our household.
19: unexpected three mile walk - The Subaru craps out and I have to abandon it in Old Hurley. But we sell our Nissan Leaf.
20: physical fallout from the long dog walk - Diarrhea and an aching hip.
21: Don's foldable red cart - A glimpse into my brother's world from hundreds of miles away.
22: driving a car with a marginal automatic transmission - I managed to get it from Hurley to Ulster Avenue. Good thing there were no hills in the way.
23: something akin to software progeria - Though Snow Leopard and Windows 7 are about the same age, only Windows 7 is all that useable.
24: not prohibitively so - Lumber prices fall low enough for me to buy some lumber.
25: not for the last two years - The entrance to the Hurley transfer station reversed at some point and I was none the wiser.
26: a framework for more effective socializing - Getting together with friends and trying out a brand new card game. Also, Neville kills a woodchuck.
27: the hours of Snapper McGee's - Apparently this dive bar can operate until 3:00am.
28: Sentelic (or is it Sentilic?) hell - It turns out that if you find something you definitely need on the internet, you shouldn't depend on it remaining there.
29: hallucinated people in there being malevolent - More news from my crazy brother about my demented mother. Also, a crazy thunderstorm.
30: evidently not zero - Gretchen learns some unexpected things about our across-the-street neighbor after going there to borrow her electricity and internet during an inconveniently-timed power outage.