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Friday, June 25 2021
Early this afternoon I loaded the old dead washing machine from the Wall Street rental into the back of the Subaru. Not long thereafter, Gretchen found a bunch of other things to load into the car to take to the Hurley transfer station. With all that loaded up, I convinced Ramona and Neville to climb together into the front passenger seat (the only place for them available) and I drove to the dump.
Evidently I hadn't been to the dump in years, because when I pulled up as I always do in front of the recycling dumpsters, the guy running the place indicated I'd done something wrong. It turned out I'd come in through the exit. "But that's the way it use to be." "Not for the last two years," he said. I immediately turned the dogs loose, which is happily still okay. After doing all my recycling, I drove around the right way to dump off the dead washing machine. In the meantime, Neville and Ramona had been spoiled with multiple treats, but by now Neville had moved on to what looked like a large turkey bone he'd found. It turned out there was a price of $5 for accepting a dead appliance, but all I had was $3. But the new Hispanic management of the Hurley transfer station was cool with that, saying I could bring the money by later. And when it turned out that I didn't have my dumping tag and said it was on my wife's car, that was okay too. I'm not used to having so much undeserved credibility, but maybe it was the dogs. As Gretchen told me later, those guys all know Ramona and Neville.

This evening Gretchen got a hankering for spaghetti, so I helped her get that going, though she did much of the work. Powerful joined us for our spaghetti dinner out on the east deck. I'd eaten a lump of cannabis earlier, and (though it doesn't always work this way) it had me in an unusually talkative mood. Later Gretchen tried to get us all to play Banangrams, but Powerful wasn't all that interested and neither was I. So Gretchen and I watched Jeopardy! instead. I was a bit drunk from the drinking I'd been doing earlier, and usually that would be a problem for Gretchen, though it didn't seem to be tonight.


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