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Friday, June 11 2021

Normally I take 150 mg of pseuodephedrine on Friday mornings, but this morning I didn't. Perhaps this was why in the fairly early afternoon I became so sleepy that I actually had to retreat to the bed and sleep for something like an hour. Later as I was leaning out through the laboratory window I somehow banged my right elbow on the window frame in a way that made it hurt the rest of the day whenever I carried anything of any weight with my right hand. I wondered what could be so brittle or sensitive in my elbow that a minor injury would have such lingering effects. Meanwhile something bad had happened with my boss's 91 year old father, who is suffering from severe coronavirus in Connecticut despite being fully vaccinated, and so Alex had to suddenly leave for the weekend. Between the two of us, we have more family trauma than all of the rest of the company.
Speaking of my company, I recently learned that my 401k contributions all stopped in late 2019 when our parent company (in its endless pursuit of the absolute cheapest services) switched to a different investment provider. This is the first job where there was any company match, so this is my first 401k, and I only have a little less than $8000 in it.


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