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Saturday, June 5 2021
I took the dogs for their walk at 8:30 this morning, which is early for them. I'm concerned when I walk them at unusual times that I might surprise animals (particularly bears) that are accustomed to their usual schedule and know to avoid the areas they walk in at those times. But nothing bad happened when I took the dogs up the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and back home on the Stick Trail. Back at the house, I immediately made another pizza with leftover toppings from Thursday and a different brand of pre-made crust (Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crust; it was significantly better than Mama Mary's). It was nice to have pizza and then leftover pizza to eat throughout the day, all of it perfectly calibrated to my preferences.
I then did some gardening chores: mulching all the unmulched plants in the garden and putting soil in pots that Gretchen will be buying flowers for (since my taste in flowers cannot be trusted). It was hot and sweaty work so I drank a beer, which immediately led to my taking a nap.
Later I removed all the last of the deep-storage items from near the center of the laboratory's west ceiling-wall. I'd already removed the stack of old broken laptops that occupy some of that space, but the stuff I removed today included eight car batteries that I'd hoarded in hopes of being able to revive them and use them for bulk electricity storage. I don't know much about the black art of lead-acid battery restoration, though most of these batteries were replaced in cold conditions, suggesting they might be usable in warmer weather. So I've decided to test them all and only keep the ones that can hold a 12 volt charge.
At some point when I was out in the yard near the garden, I looked down at a patch where I found a four-leaf clover the other day. To my delight, this time there were two of them, so I took a photograph.

Gretchen returned from her travels at about 8:00pm and, sitting out on the east deck, she told me all about what she'd done. She'd first worked ten hours doing organizing work for her old Upper East Side WASPY friend Wendy. Then she visited a friend whose five year old daughter is gradually revealing herself to be a sociopath. The next day she visited our old friend Robert (the BPI graduate), who these days is so obsessed with terrible reality teevee broadcast by MTV that he's failing to write the three papers he needs to write to get his PhD. Evidently Gretchen was able to get him off his couch enough for them to ride electric bikes all the way from above 100th Street in Manhattan to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


The pizza I made this morning.

Two four-leaf clovers in the lawn near the garden patch.

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