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Sunday, June 27 2021
I had that unpleasant feeling in my guts today that made me unmotivated to do much more than lie in bed watching YouTube videos. Adding to the misery was 90 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures and humidity. But still I didn't run air conditioning; I preferred the feeling of the ceiling fan blowing on me. The dogs eventually joined me, lying on their backs so their relatively hair-free bellies could bask in the artificial breeze.
After a nap, I made the mistake of drinking one of those Flower Power IPAs from yesterday and then attempting to do something Gretchen has wanted me to do for months: cutting the tops off of the small white pines east of the house. But the tallest of these are approaching 30 feet in height, and there was no way any of my tools could get as high as I wanted to be. Without being high up, all I would be able to do was cut the tree off about ten feet above the ground (I was using my 120v chainsaw-on-a-pole). I was able to cut trees as desired from two places, one where I had a semi-permanent ladder rising into a tree, and the other where I had a small raised platform. After cutting the tops of a few trees, I was drenched in sweat and feeling worse than I had been. So I went inside, took a cold shower, and lay down in the blast of the bedroom ceiling fan.
Gretchen came home this evening and made herself a curry with tofu and rice and then hung out on the east deck with Powerful chatting (he wasn't eating). Later I joined them and ate a little rice and tofu while Powerful retold the story he'd just told Gretchen. Last night, he said, he'd hung out at Snapper McGee's (Kingston's diviest dive bar in Uptown) until 3:00am (when they close!). He'd had a good time chatting with various drunks, many of whom initially thought he was a bouncer (owing to his appearance). He ended up leaving when some members of the Bloods street gang showed up and started trying to pick fights with people. I'd had no idea that a bar could be open so late in Kingston or that there were many members of street gangs in the area, but Powerful sees things that are invisible to crackers like me.

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