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Wednesday, June 16 2021
After work I snuck off in the Nissan Leaf because it was the only car that was drivable (Neville was at the bookstore, but Ramona had rolled in something, and I didn't want her riding in the Leaf, since it's all clean and prepared to sell). I drove to Uptown to see if I could find a better replacement hose for the Subaru than the one I'd bought the other day at Advance Auto Parts. I returned to that same Advance, this time with the removed hose in my hand, hoping to find one with its dimensions (the one I'd gotten the other day had an inside diameter that seemed about 2mm too narrow). But the closest thing they had was the hose I'd bought the other day. So all I ended up doing on that outing was buying a half gallon of rum, as the JK's liquor store seemed to be out of cheap gin.
Back at the house, I decided to try to fit the too-narrow hose I'd bought the other day onto the steel nipples of the Subaru's heater system. I knew it would be hard, so I brought out a cup of boiling water to dip the hose in before attempting the connection. This, of course, meant that I had to carefully hold the cut of boiling water above my chest without spilling it while doing the dipping, and of course some of that hot water got on me. But I was shirtless, so the water mostly just ran off without incident. Even with the hose heated up this way, it was bitch getting it over the too-large nipples, and of course I skinned the second joint on my left index finger in the process. Once I had the hose in place, I fired up the car to see if there was any leaking, and fuck it all, there definitely was. It now seemed to be leaking from the metal pipe itself, though I couldn't be certain that the leak wasn't coming from the junction between the hose and the nipple and then just running along the pipe due to surface tension (which, with this coolant, is significantly stronger than water).
So that chore was mostly a fail, though I did have a couple of successes: I put up another magnet-closing screen, this time outside the door between the dining room and the east deck. And I used superglue to fix one of Gretchen's novelty rings. Also, because I'm the only one with any fabric skills in the house, I sewed a button onto a pair of Gretchen's trousers.
Meanwhile in the remote workplace, I managed to figure out how to add a migration stage to the data importer written by the Ukranians. That was a modest win but nevertheless constituted one of the biggest successes in the workplace over the past year.

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