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Monday, March 6 2023
Early this afternoon I stuffed Oscar the Cat into our antique cat carrier and drove with him and the dogs out to Petco, which is between the Panera and the Bed, Bath & Beyond in that high-end strip mall adjacent to Miron Lane. Since I was approaching via Enterprise Drive, I was hoping a train wouldn't be coming through. But of course a train was coming through. It consisted of many dozens of empty flatcars heading south and held up traffic for several minutes. At around that time Oscar vomited all over the inside of the pet carrier and himself.
I'd never been in the Petco before, mostly because I didn't know it existed (possibly because until recent disappointments with the Hurley vet, we'd been loathe to do our business with nationwide pet chains). I went back to the grooming desk and waited for several minutes behind a woman with an enthusiastic little white poofy purebred who kept jumping up on my leg and looking into my eyes.
Eventually I was directed to the veterinary part of Petco and took Oscar back to one of the examination rooms. While one of the staffers cleaned the vomit from the carrier, the vet who had shamed Gretchen over Oscar's dental neglect gave his mouth another examination. I asked if any of his teeth might be saved and she said there was no telling until he'd been x-rayed. I was also convinced that Oscar needed more bloodwork, though later when discussing this with Gretchen we decided this was a completely unnecessary upsell, since he'd had blood work done about 40 days ago and everything was normal.
Oscar had nothing left to vomit on the drive back home.
Late this afternoon I moved my new laser cutter up into the laboratory, installed LaserGRBL, a program to control it, and then did some preliminary tests. I found it had no trouble burning pinprick-sized holes all he way through normal pieces of corrugated cardboard, which seemed promising. Later I managed to import a black and white drawing I'd made of a rooster back in the early 1990s into LaserGRBL, and I was able to burn a shrunken version of it onto a piece of cardboard. It's possible that I'll be needing a more powerful laser to do what I want to do, but that looks like an easy component to swap in and out.

This evening I cooked up a box of spaghetti with broccoli and fried up a pan of tofu, onions, and mushrooms so Gretchen would have dinner waiting for her when she got home from working a shift at the bookstore.


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