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   Ashokan Reservoir never froze
Thursday, March 16 2023
I took the 150 milligrams of pseudoephedrine I'd wanted to take yesterday early this morning. Sometimes it fuels my procrastination, but not today. Today it helped me grind through the boredom of code related to deprciation. By this afternoon, I had problems with DevExpress that I couldn't solve on my own, so I had a real-time conference with Joe, the lead developer. He eventually figured out the problem was that I hadn't addded { get; set; } to the property I'd added to a derived class. I'm totally phoning it in when it comes to the rituals of object-oriented programming, and { get; set; } is the kind of tedious boilerplate I thought C# had been invented to eliminate.

Temperatures reached up near 60 degrees today, so Gretchen suggeted we take a walk. We went up the Farm Road and back. As we passed the swamp that runs along the east side of the Farm Road (which was full of meltwater and contained no apparent ice, though there was no sign yet of amphibian life), Gretchen mentioned that the Ashokan Reservoir hadn't frozen this year. This might be the first winter we know about in which it didn't freeze. Normally Gretchen is oblivious to things like this, so much so that I'd never even bothered to ask her about whether or not the reservoir had frozen (even though this had been of some interest to me and she normally drives past it four times per week).
This evening Gretchen made me sandwich based on yesterday's meatballs. She also added a side of cooked cauliflower, which is flavor I've recently decided I barely tolerate.
Speaking of flavors that are difficult to tolerate, Gretchen says that in recent days she's been cursed with a weird bitter flavor in the back of her mouth that is making everything she eats taste not so great. I wondered if maybe it was a sign of otherwise-asymptomatic covid, which she thought was absurd. She suspects it might have something to do with Wellbutrin that was added to her antidepressant medication cocktail. But that began months ago.

This is how my torn left thumbnail is looking several days after repairing it with a patch of PET plastic.

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