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Monday, March 13 2023
Today during the workday I mostly spent my time doing personal computer chores in a continuation of what I'd been doing on Sunday. One of those chores involved swapping around different in the bottom-left position of Woodchuck's monitor array. That's the position that for eleven years has been held by that Acer monitor that recently became unreliable. It's a nice monitor, and I would prefer to keep using it. So I'd try different power supplies (it uses the 19 VDC kind normally used for laptops) or different video interfaces, thinking I'd finally found a combination that was reliable, only for the video to go blank after several hours. So then I'd try a ViewSonic monitor pillaged from the Red Hook office just before its lease expired (which happened almost a year ago). It would work, but it wasn't as good. It has a physically smaller display area (though the same 1920 X 1080 pixel count) and two dead pixels near its geometrical center. It's also thicker and heavier, though is has VESA mounting holes (which the Acer monitor lacked) meaning it doesn't rely on the custom metal prongs necessary to cradle the Acer monitor. Eventually I settled on using the ViewSonic monitor, but it looks like I'll soon be replacing it with a 27 inch monitor having a 2560 X 1440 pixel count.
The other chore was perfecting my backup to my work-issued laptop, the Ryzen 3500U-based ThinkPad that I have decided to namec Coatimundi. Today I expanded its RAM to 16 GB and cloned my work-issued laptop's hard drive onto its 1 TB NVMe hard drive. I'd clone a 2 TB SATA SSD that used to be Woodchuck's boot drive onto a mechanical drive (just in case I ever need to recover anything from it) and then put that 2 TB SSD into Coatimundi's SATA bay, meaning that laptop now has a combined SSD drive space of 3 TB, which is enormous for a laptop. The hope is that I can keep huge databases, media, and music files on it without worrying about running out of room. Also, since it has working speakers, I can use it as an offline or online entertainment system. (My work-issued laptop's speakers have never worked for some reason.)
As I was making a pot of spaghetti (cooked with broccoli) and a pan of fried chonkiness to add to the Rao's marinara sauce, I needed to tear open one of those netted bags of onions. The netting isn't very strong, and I usually do the tearing with my bare hands. Today, though, there was freak accident and somehow one of the threads of the mesh caught under my left thumb nail, tearing the nail itself at a jaunty angle diagonally towards the left side cuticle (viewed from the top with the tip facing away). The tear didn't make it all the way to the cuticle, but this disturbance was enough for it to immediately begin bleeding. I ended up having to wrap the tip of my thumb with tape to stablilize everything. I was later able to cut off some of the new "flap" of nail, but some of it is too far from the tip to remove and I'll now have to wait for it to grow out. It doesn't take much for my cuticles to get inflected or inflamed, and I have a feeling this thumb is now going to be giving me trouble for weeks.
[The next day I superglued a small a piece of blister-pack packagaging plastic (probabbly polyethylene terephtalate) over the torn part of the nail to help stabilize it, and this would work surprisingly well. I was careful to rough-up both the plastic and the nail before gluing them to each other.]

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