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   USB-C revolution
Thursday, March 9 2023
At noon today, I drove out to 9W to buy a few supplies. I'd decided that my new favorite kind of beer is a Belgian ale (a revelation that finally dawned on me while drinking one at Butterfly Brewery in Montezuma, Costa Rica), so I wanted to buy some of those. Generally that kind of beer is impossible to find at a supermarket, so I went to Beer World and eventually found what I was looking for in the import section. The four pack I bought of Saison Dupont Farmhouse Ale was pretty expensive, but it's something I can afford.
Then I drove to the mostly-abandoned Hudson Valley Mall to look to see what kind of USB-C chargers they had available. I haven't cared much about the USB-C revolution, but yesterday I took delivery of a Ryzen 5 3500U-based ThinkPad without a charger, and it just uses USB-C for charging. The existence of such generic charging technology is a huge improvement over the bad old days, but it turns out that I only had one USB-C charger in my possession, and I was using it for a small travel monitor that supplements my embarrassment of screen real estate. I don't know what the prices for such chargers should be, but I bought one that was priced at around $35. Only later after I left did I realize I would also need a USB-C-to-USB-C cable.
That farmhouse ale was good, though I tried not to drink too much because I had a mild hangover from Wednesday night's excess.

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