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Thursday, March 30 2023
I made good progress on the programming task that I'd mostly procrastinated working on yesterday. I ended up being so engaged in it that I continued work on it after hours while watching MSNBC to follow the breaking news I learned about in the bathtub (details below).

Late this afternoon Gretchen took Ramona the Dog and Lester the Cat to a new vet she'd learned about from Sarah the Vegan. This vet was described as both old and "old school," and a big advantage to using him was the price. But another advantage showed itself during the visit after the vet examined Lester. Though the cat seems happy (and even chipper), evidently he's not long for this world. The problem with his arm looks to be an agressive form of cancer, which has already spread to a lymph node in his armpit. This means it's already too advanced to do anything about. And that's not the only thing wrong with him. He apparently has failing kidneys (which explains the very large urine clumps in the litter box), his polyp-filled ears never improve despite various attempts to keep them clean, and he also has some sort of respiratory problem. Other vets would've offered heroic (and expensive) measures to save his life such as chemo or radiation therapy, but this vet didn't think there was much to be gained by doing anything for him. Gretchen asked what we might do to make his arm less inflamed, and he prescribed some sort of antibiotic salve. And when Gretchen asked if she brought him back in a month to be euthanized, would that be a good timeframe? The vet said sure, although two weeks would work as well.
As for Ramona, the small growth that keeps forming on her back and getting scratched off looks to be benign. It's a common thing on older pit bulls, the vet said, and we could maybe treat it with Neosporin. (When she was old, Sally the Dog had a similar growth that kept falling off and growing back in on her right eyebrow.)

This evening while Gretchen was off at a story slam in Woodstock, I was taking a nice hot bath, partly (again) just to get away from the increasingly-needy cats. While I was soaking watching YouTube videos on my Chromebook, I saw one about Donald Trump being indicted in Manhattan. This was the big news we'd all been waiting years for! There weren't many details about it, but it was big news. I wasn't like all the people glumly assuming Donald Trump would never face any consequences for his crimes and moral repugnancy, but I wasn't expecting anything to happen tonight. Not long after getting out of the tub, I posted "merry indictmas" on Facebook, later adding the comment "treason is the reason for the season."

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