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   weather as horrid as any crash pad
Monday, March 3 1997

Thing to say today: the challenge is making increasingly complicated processes interface with the unmaleable form of the human beast.

I did very little today in the social sphere. The weather had turned as horrid as any crash pad, with cold little droplets of rain harassing my face as I went to the surprisingly crowded computer lab in UVA's Cocke Hall to work on my musings. Then, at my house I finally mopped up mud tracked into my room weeks ago by the goths. I went to bed at about 5:30pm and experienced complete and satisfying sleep prior to my shift at Comet. I had been operating with a sleep deficit, but that now has been repaid. At some point during this shift I will have passed 24 hours without ingesting any form of drug except caffeine!

Sorry folks, that's all I have to say today. If you missed it, there is lots of interesting material in yesterday's entry.

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