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   March malaise
Monday, March 10 1997

Thing to say today: The uniform of birth embarrasses our civilization with our obvious animalness.

Having gone to bed at 11pm last night, I somehow managed to sleep until 3pm today. I needed that much rest following such a weekend. I was feeling incredible maliase which I attributed partly to illness, partly to my gum condition (which was beginning to frighten me) and no doubt partly to the let down of having the other aspects of the Grand Air Trine depart after such a brief visit.

I did a little work at UVA's Cocke Hall, but could muster only a little initiative. But I did make a wonderful discovery today. Someone who had claimed via email to be Alex Guldbeck (one of my College role models, if you can imagine that) confirmed to me today that he really is Alex Guldbeck. He has a strong web presence these days, at, a site that concerns some sort of strange religious movement that seems to fit the general Alex Guldbeck decadence pattern I saw him displaying with such unpretentious enthusiasm some ten years ago. I have slowly arrived at the belief that the Web is a perfect forum for an evil genius to present his twisted views. It's wonderful to see Alex applying it to the task at hand.

At the Dynashack I drank Guiness and other good beers while hanging out for a while with Elizabeth, her friend Marcy, and Katherine DeGood and her friend and companion, Deeohji the wonder dog. The conversation was interesting even if it didn't touch on many issues close to me.

I was feeling rather under the weather when I set off to work.

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