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   February 1997

01: Warm Day Wasted - Among other things, a brief review of Jawbox's CD Novelty.
02: redneck pornography heaven - My redneck friend's decoration is mostly along the lines of girls spreading their vaginas as wide as possible.
03: vodka party and the game of asshole - Simulated heirarchy is awfully similar to the real thing.
04: marijuana and insight - Marijuana, used with restraint, occasionally leads me to profound insights.
05: tragedy, possibility and lockout - Speak of thy successes and curse thyself. Facilitate opportunity by strategic investments.
06: disgusted by Altavista but not other search engines - I discover that most of my hits are for terms like nipples, masturbate, exhibitionist and spanking.
07: real moderation of alcohol consumption - For the first time ever I curtail my consumption of alcohol for fear of the hangover to come.
08: Fun at the University of Virginia: Natural Light revisited - I go to a party at another off-campus University of Virginia student-residence.
09: Hungry for Stink: rubber chicken supermodel - The L7 CD is reviewed. Also there is a comparison of the effects of alcohol and marijuana.
10: another conversational trine - Someone with Sun in Gemini, another with Sun in Aquarius and a Libra rising hash out the nature of truth.
11: the senile geriatric chicken on the porch - Also cheap journeys taken in my dreams in the manner of Total Recall.
12: goth contingent photo shoot - I hang out with a gothic contingent and hear tales about, watch movies concerning and even witness...RAW VIOLENCE.
13: desktop graffiti and the means of production - The expressions of bored college kids deposited in thin layers. I also get a new four track tape recorder.
14: a four track studio - Fleeing from a dull Valentine's Day party to goth central.
15: sado-masochism among the goths - Little injuries accumulate as I hang out with my gothic friends.
16: birthday beatings and hospitalizations - Sadism, masochism and theatre motivated by alcohol, drugs and sexual rivalry among the goths of Charlottesville.
17: Blue Hole, vino and tussin with the goths - I videotape a little outing in nature.
18: recuperation from the excesses - I avoid most social interaction until my wounds and organs heal.
19: sado-masochistic sushi experience - Also lots of video taping around Charlottesville.
20: travels with Cecelia the Brazilian Girl - We go to my house, collect roadkill, and I drop her off at her house.
21: Curious Digit at the Tokyo Rose in Charlottesville, Virginia - I beach myself on a sad but atonal evening, an island in the February seas of gothic.
22: pathetic Saturday at Goth Central - But the fates deliver me a late birthday present!
23: goth gossip - Monster Boy clues me in on all the socio-sexual politics behind the characters in the goth contingent.
24: Fucking or Fighting - The zeitgeist of Melrose Place and the pursuit of a cheesy keyboard.
25: cybercensorship, creative straightjacketing, and Web paranoia - Bn loans me a keyboard which is either a tool or a straightjacket. Also, my feelings about Net filtering software.
26: useless clicky sample box - I build a sample box from Radio Shack equipment but it comes with an annoying click feature that renders it useless.
27: survival of the fittest explains all things - Also, I visit Jenfariello for the first time in weeks & she says she has a new boyfriend named Dave, but that takes away nothing from the evening.
28: post-industrial field trip to the Rivanna - I go with the goths to a truly awe-inspiring site along the Rivanna River.