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   disgusted by Altavista but not other search engines
Thursday, February 6 1997 This won't take too long. I went to UVA's Cocke Hall and worked on a history of my musical development that is in the works. Back at my house I chatted some with Elizabeth. She mentioned that she'd been reading my musings and was a combination of disturbed, annoyed and entertained by the fact that I'd written that my housemates dress up before going to see a movie. "We don't always dress up...but that was Star Wars!" she explained. She then wanted to know if I was always so puzzled by the strange upper class rituals of the people I live with. "I view everything as a sociologist" I explained. But I am very often puzzled by the things they do. Just yesterday they were all talking about vacations to tropical islands, with a view to going to such an island over Spring Break. Only partly in jest, they want me to join them. Quite aside from the fact that such a trip would blow all the money I have saved for the past year, I really don't think I would find such a vacation any more interesting than a week on the streets of Charlottesville. Indeed, since I would only know the people with whom I went to such an island, I'd probably find the experience sociologically uninteresting. If the trip were free or extremely cheap, that would be one thing. But vacations like that are only taken by the old, the boring, the winners of lotteries and the upper class. Of course the members of the upper class routinely call themselves "middle class" but that's an egalitarian fiction and everyone knows it.

Here at Comet I was disgusted looking throught the Atlas logs to find that almost the only Altavista hits I get these days are for keywords "nipples," "spanking," "exhibitionist," and "masturbate." I used to get a fair number of "punk rock" hits and other things not directly related to the pricks of lonely geeks Worldwide. But with the new relevance rules my site is found mostly for its purient content. This is not the case with Infoseek, Lycos and Excite, from which respectable hits still come. Also, the old "latest is most relevant" rules still apply to overseas Altavista sites, so I can still rule "punk rock" and "heroin" among the Europeans and Australians. The trick I'd thought of to move my sites to the top of the American Altavista should work in principle, but there appears to be another rule that mostly -but not totally- blocks me. I will not discuss any of this until I know more. I don't want anybody but me to be MASTER OF SEARCH ENGINES.

During one of my several periods of sleep today I dreamt that Jessika was stretched out uncomfortably upon a ratty couch coping with the remnants of a siamese twin pervading her tissues invisibly. This no doubt symbolizes her recovery from the accident in Jesse's truck back in December on Carter's Mountain. I have been in some contact with Jessika and know that she suffers from strange lingering neurological effects from having had her brain slammed around so. She says her head is rent with screams and peculiar thoughts and that she now has a "Gorbachev scar."

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