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Tuesday, February 18 1997

Cool thing to say today: regarding children in our society: their ignorance is valued more than their future.

I avoided most interactions with people so I could concentrate on documenting all the recent craziness while simultaneously allowing my cuts and organs to heal. After all how many straight days of hangover can be survived?

In the evening I drank a nice new form of Fosters beer (an Australian Import) called Fosters Bitter. It is 5.6% alcohol and relatively inexpensive. I watched a little of yesterday's videotape with the housemates as well.

During my early pre-work nap came the gothic invasion: Theresa, Tiffany, Monster Boy and both Brazilian Girls. Tiffany had missed a flight back to Los Angeles this morning because she'd been drinking tussin in the woods with the others. They'd actually gone back to Blue Hole last night, see. Tonight, as fate would have it, all of them except Leticia was on tussin again. Now they wanted to see yesterday's videotape too. So on it went again, and out came the marijuana. Oh, my poor brain. They politely left after the viewing so I could resume my pre-work nap.

By the way, Persad is back with Theresa again. Despite Theresa's apocalyptic predictions I knew he'd come back. He should get some frequent flyer miles for his hospitalizations, ya know.

At work last night and this night I worked a lot on the Blue Penny Quarterly's upcoming issue while chatting in Sam 'n' Ellas.

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