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Sunday, February 9 1997 I'm glad I can't make out Tool's lyrics. The few times I can, they're not even twisted, they're stupid. But Tool is still okay...the overall effect is still good. Creativity is all about the whole being better than the sum of the parts.

I went to Cocke Hall twice. The first time I was stoned and the second time I was drunk. The first time the only text I could muster was poetry (yesterday's entry) and the first paragraph of this entry (I was listening to AND ENJOYING Tool). The second time, I completed the entry for the 7th and worked on the later ones. Alcohol is conducive to writing (and painting) while marijuana is conducive to musing...coming up with ideas. Alcohol does not help creativity, but it makes doing some work easier. Marijuana makes it impossible to collect the thoughts necessary to perform work in a linear pattern. But I have my best imagination-gone-wild sessions while stoned.

At my house I watched some old Big Fun videotapes and then some of a "Dirty Harry Sunday" on one of the cable channels. Pretty soon the greater part of my housemates were all there watching too. It degenerated from there. Soon enough we were watching Conan the Destroyer, watching Arnold Schwartzenegger's muscles in disbelief. Several inches of wet snow and bleak grey skies made it a good day for teevee.

I also bought another L7 CD, Hungry for Stink (1994) from Plan 9 for $5. It had been languishing in the rack for weeks. It's actually a lot better than the earlier Bricks are Heavy. It is decidedly more mature and experimental with almost none of that Joan Jett and the Blackhearts sound. Also, there is a greater variety of instruments deployed, things like Xylophones and obscure tropical percussion instruments as well as guitar harmonics in the vein of Sonic Youth. Finally, L7 seems to have learned the best lessons provided by grunge (an influence that would have improved Bricks are Heavy, which was recorded before the grunge onslaught). There are problems though; track 7 ("Stuck Here Again") is boring and slow and sounds like the Eurythmics. It's obviously made-for-radio and annoys the hell out of me. Also, some of the lyrics try to be mysterious but are just kind of dumb (the Pixies have this affliction occasionally too, but I like them a lot). My favourite song RIGHT NOW is track 10, "She has Eyes."

I went to bed at about 10pm. The weather and a lack of a consistent place to hang out has me feeling a little depressed these days.

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