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Tuesday, March 4 1997

Someone else's quote today: wanting someone out of your life is one thing and serving them a wake up cup of liquid Drano is another.

Sam 'n' Ellas was working so poorly that blixa and I had to resort to Skatechat, which caters to the culture of reject athletes; it's a society with which I identify considerably less than I do with the punk rockers. The conversation there tonight was mostly banal discussions of penis size, but that could be easily ignored. (No, paternalistic governments, I don't need any fucking filtering software to maintain my sanity.) I really hated the frame placements in Skatechat, and so created an alternative version in a new directory of my web site. I'd like to create an alternative Sam 'n' Ellas frame system as well.

I slept only until about 1pm, which was a disappointment. I was feeling a strange form of non-drug-induced paranoia, which has to be taken more seriously than the form of paranoia I feel when smoking pot.

I went to UVA's Cocke Hall and did a small amount of web work while listening to Sugar, Bob Mould's post-Hüsker Dü band on the CD player that is otherwise unused on every computer there (I always bring my headphones and an extension cord these days).

I drove the Dodge Dart to the Downtown Mall and, at the Downtown Artspace, visited Jenfariello and another artspace personality named Alison. Jen has been working at making the place look more attractive by removing carpet glue from the concrete floors and by painting the stairwells and such. She's good at organizing large groups of people and individuals to do her bidding. Soon enough she had me painting a little "Downtown Artspace" sign at the bottom of the stairs that lead down from the front door (I knew my assignment was coming; I'd brought paints) and she had Dave Sykman (Jessika's friend from Belmont) painting the actual steps themselves glossy silver (this meant that when I eventually left I had to go out the back door). Jenfariello, Jacque (a friend of the Dynashack who is a UVA student and prolific artist in several diverse media) and I then sat around and talked about the future of the Artspace for awhile. He was full of suggestions, but I was feeling sleepy. On my way to my Dart I came across KC, the recently 17 year old Aquarian Girl. She told me she's been painting her car and attaching mirrors to it. She also has a new haircut that looks pretty good; it makes her look more mature somehow.

I drove back home and slept from about 8pm until my shift at Comet.

At Comet, in Sam 'n' Ellas, I chatted for quite awhile with Mikila Zaorski, whose handle is "please." She's from Texas and is a fellow Guided by Voices fan. She also likes 80s music. She wrote me a long e-mail some time ago after stumbling across the Big Fun Glossary (see the feedback section). Now she says she intends to try tussin for the first time. I gave her lots of helpful hints about how to drink it without puking. Since she says she often dreams lucidly, I said she probably has enough psychic control to avoid vomitting. Meanwhile someone named Jimmy kept "shouting" "Dittos Gus!" and going on and on about how great both Rush Limbaugh and tussin are. Yes, Sam 'n' Ellas is a weird "place."

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