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Sunday, December 9 2001
Tonight, Gretchen and I went with Debra to a small potluck dinner party being hosted by Ray's friend Liiin. She's a graphic designer who lives in an apartment on 5th Street near the top of Park Slope.
Liiin's apartment was a design-savvy sort of place, full of simple shapes, solid colors, wood panels, and Art Deco curves. Super-primitive folk art was the principle decoration. Of special note was a sculpture of a dragon-headed car driven by a band of red devils. The fire-breathing vehicle labeled up and down the sides with words like "Booze," "Guns," "Drugs," "Cocain" [sic], and "Pot." I wondered if its creator had received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts in support of his uplifting anti-drug messages.
This hasn't been entirely by my choice, but I can tell I've grown up because of the parties I'm going to these days. Just a year ago, the parties I attended featured loud rock and roll, heavy drinking, kegs of beer, strong liquor, and the liberal use of illegal substances. Food, if anything, was an afterthought. And if entertainment was provided, it was likely to involve a large quantity of hot water. These days, the parties I attend are restrained dinner affairs, with food being the featured attraction. Music is low-key and even then it's almost never rock and roll. No one sparks up a joint and no one gets drunk. Indeed, many people don't drink any alcohol at all. Tonight's kicker: the featured entertainment was Boggle Deluxe. We played it in a back room without any furniture; I wore out my elbows trying to find a comfortable position on the hardwood floor. Needless to say, Gretchen and Ray remain the grand Boggle champions.

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