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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Fernando Chun Badly Drawn Boy Traffic K Britain Santa Monica TML Managers HTML Promenade LK Day Cienega Target Store Beach Malibu UK Guided By Voices Walmart AIM Linda Community Team Venice Boardwalk Q West LA Pink Fairies Troubadour Frank Moth Knitting Factory Hollywood Creeper Lagoon

February - Waterfront Vicente Pacific San Black ASPLand MS Project Flash Survivor II Los Angeles Chris Matrix Valentine A SD Aleister Crowley John Eminem Gap Bathtubgirl

March - Renaissance Bathtubgirl Julian Prizzis Verdes New York Lush Sweet Child Monster Central Downtown Park La Brea CTO County Brooklyn Manhattan Jewish Oberlin Staunton Virginia Mudhouse Charlottesville Morgan Tryst Paltz Kristin Masson

April - Silverlake Beverly Hills SWAT Javascript Joey Ramone Mastercard Circle Bar Jokers BI Wilshire Californians Winamp Channel Biography E

May - Brentwood Swingers Beetle Bug VW Turkish Buggy Rust East Simpsons Lounge Pinkis Lumirova FuckedCompany Olympic Pennsylvania Dawn Red Maria El Rey Theatre Kaycee Albertsons Francisco Wade Fandango Matt

June - Vodkatea Punch Rufus Wainwright Southern California Hoax McVeigh MPEG President Europe Farley Irish Boys Jennifer House Blues ADD Mommy Cohen Productions Cancer Party Yahoo

July - FC Fourth Microsoft Kolja Cafe Parowan Utah United States Boulder Colorado Range Jenny Jimmy Nebraska Kearney Midwest Jason Mike Milwaukee Wisconsin Pittsburgh Brian NY Festival Coney Island Superchunk City Purebred Hill Time Square Howard Johnson Greenwich Village Valley

August - Upper Side Jami H Dairy Basic Legally Blond Slope HBO Edna Paris Review Subway Public Library Mac IIsi Williamsburg Dog Dave Usher Mandrake Linux Coyote Ugly Hedwig Angry Inch Maryland Labor

September - Mountain Rcomm Noble Barnes Amtrak River Green Alan Hevesi Ethiopian World Trade Center Washington KDE O Connors Cross Uguale

October - Noah Laden Southwest Airlines Budweiser Furnaces Bowery Ballroom Mikila Afghanistan Boggle OLJ Jay CNN American Museum Natural History Free Be You Me COM Audrey Lower Jim Spencer Suzy Nancy Ray King Upstate Humane Society Prospect Indian Summer Conservative Gretchens

November - Kitchen Champagne McDonalds Darwinism CBGB Gardens Sally India Diana Cabernet Sauvignon Eulala Kristen Ma Vale Cashmere Duquesne Leguizamo Times FedEx

December - We Stand Evan Grand Army Plaza Hatch Attorney General Ashcroft Edgar Allan Poetry Asian Beatles Yahoo Darwinian Ecstasy Fellowship Ring Chinese