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Friday, December 14 2001
Someone please hire Mitch. He doesn't mention this on his resumé, but some of his hobbies include "football, basketball and hanging out with friends."

Today my mind is full of lists: lists about the elements that constitute consciousness, learning, and innovation. Remember Postmodernism? Lists were supposedly Postmodern. What do you label a time where the last possible ballast of antiqueness has been tossed over the side? Postmodernism, even the word sounds quaint, but back before the Berlin Wall fell, when Postmodernism was being celebrated as refreshing and new, it seemed like there could be nothing to follow it. But now it's as if cultural pundits are suddenly saying that Postmodernism never even happened. In terms of the confluence of trends in art and society, how unfortunate it is that the World Trade Center, the ultimate symbol of modernism, collapsed just as the resurrection of modernism was hitting its stride. Whatever. The brownstone-lined streets of Park Slope seem to be a good example of the way a truly functional city is constructed.
(Apologies for the lack of web references, but I just made up this spiel based only on the fact that I never hear anyone talk about Postmodernism anymore. Maybe it's just that I'm not hanging out with Matt Rogers anymore. Then again, I haven't heard Matt Rogers mention Postmodernism since the 80s either.)

I'd eaten eight or nine tussin DM gel caps a few hours before I wrote the preceding two paragraphs. In the early stages of the experience, I felt a wonderful sense of euphoria, but later on I started feeling weak and vulnerable and had to resort to alcohol to calm my nerves. It was an exaggerated version of my normal feelings of irrelevance and inadequacy. Who am I? I shouldn't really try to do much more than watch teevee for the rest of my life. I'll never do anything remarkable. That sort of thing.

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