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   malt liquor Chanukah
Tuesday, December 11 2001
There's a big construction site between 5th and 6th Avenues on the north side of 14th Street. To get past it, one must walk for a time within the building itself, several dozen feet from the street. Blue-painted plywood panels line the walkway. For some reason, little one-foot-high dome-shaped holes can be found along the bottom of these panels every so often. Yesterday some adults were leading a group of small children through the construction site and they kept gleefully shouting, "Mousehole!" every time they'd pass a hole. I overheard one of the adults explain, "That would be a pretty big mouse." But the kids didn't care; they'd seen holes like this in the Saturday morning cartoons. That's where mice are known to live.
An advertisement I've been seeing on bus stops in Chelsea lately: a pair of trousers called "corduroygeebiv" - hideous corduroys decorated with the colors of the rainbow. People walk past in their drab winter clothes without seeming to notice.

I bought Gretchen a forty of Old English malt liquor as her third nightly Chanukah present today. She actually likes malt liquor more than expensive beer, so this was less of a joke than you might think. In turn, she gave me a circular mirror decorated with sculpy, that plastic stuff one cooks in the oven. I tried to make a dinosaur out of sculpy a week or so ago, but when I cooked him, I overdid it and now he's covered with big black blisters.

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