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   Eddie Edna returns, eats birthday cheese
Monday, December 17 2001
When Gretchen went to let Noah the Cat out at 6am this morning, Eddie Edna suddenly appeared from out of the darkness. A miracle! Understandably, we were both overjoyed. For her part, though, Edna didn't understand what the fuss was all about. She seemed to have dramatically matured during her mysterious 24 hour adventure, shunning affection more than usual and not playing quite as much. Gretchen jokingly began characterizing Edna's 24 hour birthday absence as a "vision quest."
Since we hadn't celebrated yesterday, Gretchen and I threw a belated birthday party for Edna today. We went to the pet store and bought some at toys (including catnip-flavored bubbles) and also picked up some cottage cheese. Edna's favorite food in the whole world is cottage cheese, and Gretchen fashioned her a "cake" out of small lump of cottage cheese supporting a single candle.

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