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Wednesday, December 19 2001
I had a little beer headache this morning, so Gretchen and I went down to Connecticut Muffin ("Conn Muff") on 7th Avenue to meet up with Ray. Connecticut Muffin is directly across the avenue from the despised Park Slope Starbucks, but still, there's something kind of tempting about alternatives when you've just chowed down on a stale Conn Muff bagel. Ray tells me the only things worth eating at Connecticut Muffin are the muffins themselves.
What with the ludicrous patriotism and widespread terranoia, satire has been running rich in my blood. Fandango Matt feels the same, so we've begun a collaboration that should bear fruit in a few days.

Patriotism, the unquestioning devotion to country, is a symptom of ignorance and shallow mental processes. It is, after all, explicitly knee-jerk and over-simplifying. From across an SUV dashboard it may not be apparent, but this is a complex world, and America has had its head in the sand. To suddenly manifest patriotism now is to reveal one's self as a fool. But it doesn't stop at the limits of the brains of the foolish. It's much worse than that. Today's patriotism is coerced. It has become a form of fascism.

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