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Saturday, November 1 2008
I only installed four or five concrete blocks on my greenhouse project today, but later I broke a record by hauling twenty concrete blocks and an 80 pound sack of mortar in the Honda Civic four door, whose spacious trunk can actually hold sixteen blocks. (As usual, there were two dogs in the backseat.) The car sits pretty low on its suspension when the trunk holds 464 pounds of payload, but it still handles okay.

This evening Gretchen and I drove over to Oblong Books in Rhinebeck to attend a reading/booksigning by our friend Laura, whose definitive biography of Emily Post was recently published. The reading went longer than expected, and the Thai restaurant where we'd hoped to dine was closed by the time we darkened its door. So we ended up eating at the China Rose in Rhinecliff, the Victorian-style Chinese restaurant where Asian staff, if they exist at all, are almost never seen. Gretchen told me that she'd heard somewhere that the key to China Rose's delicious entrees is a distinct lack of shyness when it comes to sprinkling on the MSG. At some point we saw smoke wafting out of the kitchen and I suggested that perhaps it wasn't smoke at all but was instead a cloud of monosodium glutamate dust.

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