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Monday, November 10 2008
I installed the last four concrete blocks on my greenhouse project this morning. I left three blocks out of the top tier of the western wall to allow the installation of masonry glass units. Originally I'd planned to actually set rectangular whiskey bottles in mortar here (I have fifteen such bottles, most of which I've soaked in water to remove their labels). But then I remembered that I have a bunch of glass blocks salvaged from Larry the Realtor's house back when I was helping him rennovate that place on nearby Eagle's Nest Road. I can't actually install any of these glass blocks until I prep the wall underneath. This involves filling the block cores with loose rock and, in the case of one core, filling it with concrete and rebar.
Now that I've installed all the masonry units, I can turn my attention to other tasks. This evening, for example, I filled in most of the hole along the outside of the north wall with clean cobblestones. I've tried to keep the hole outside the walls as clean as possible so silt won't jam up the drainage system. I've got weed blocker fabric lining the edge of the hole and I'm careful to avoid getting dirt between that fabric and the block wall. There's nothing I can do to prevent leaves and pine needles from falling into this ditch, though I don't think they pose a long-term risk to the drainage system.

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