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Friday, November 7 2008
Today I bought 20 concrete blocks and installed 19, the second-best daily effort so far. I was helped by the weather, which, though cloudy and threatening rain, featured temperatures in the 60s. I was so warm that for much of the work I was shirtless.
In the evening I waged a cleaning jihad throughout the house in anticipation of the arrival of houseguests tomorrow. Over time conditions get nasty in the basement, where I use one bathroom for baths but never clean the tub and the other bathroom for defecation but never clean the toilet. It's amazing how nasty bathroom furniture can get if it's not cleaned routinely on, say, a weekly basis. Beyond the biological filth, there is also the clutter: in both of these areas piles of reading materials have accumulated, including old catalogs and copies of The New Yorker (as well as those little cards that fall out of The New Yorker). Finally, of course, there are the spiders. Many of them were killed back when we flea-bombed the house, though many of their artifacts remain. I vacuumed up their cobwebs, avoiding any survivors I encountered (and there were some, a few big enough to suggest they'd survived the bombing).

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