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Thursday, November 13 2008
Today I filled three of the long (80 inch) cores of my concrete block wall with rebar and concrete using both purchased rebar and scrap metal. In all cases I'd had to weld the metal together in order to get the necessary 80 inch pieces. I've gotten better as a welder and now see it as a routine solution to the problem of steel-to-steel adhesion. On testing my welded joints, however, I occasionally find that they fail under extreme leverage. Happily, though, many of my joints hold up to hundreds of foot-pounds of torque.
I made my first lumber purchase for the greenhouse today: an eight foot long treated pine 4 X 6 that will serve as a load-bearing header above two windows in the east wall. I would have gladly bought a non-treated piece for this application, but large-dimensional lumber (thicker than 2) is only available in the treated form.

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