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Saturday, November 8 2008
It was another warm day conducive to block installation, though eventually rain interfered. Approaching my 260th block, I'm nearing the end of the concrete block installation phase of my greenhouse project. Today I bought the final 15 blocks I'll be needing, an important milestone considering how overwhelming the block purchasing and transportation seemed back when I started on it.
Eventually Ray, Nancy, and Nancy's sister Linda arrived. I started a fire and we drank a few beers. Eventually I went with them to a party in Woodstock, leaving Gretchen behind to enjoy a rare span of alone time. The party was in celebration of the birthday of a guy named Rich whom Ray knows from way back. Rich is a potter and lives with his wife and kids at a zany collective on Upper Byrdcliffe. It was a good party, though Gretchen would have been miserable what with all the kids and meat. Refreshments included two boxes of wine and an enormous rectangular bottle of Jack Daniels. At some point in the evening, designated driver duties switched from Linda to Ray, allowing the former to partake of the box wine. For her part, Nancy made the mistake of standing around talking to someone directly in front of the box, where it was easy for her to refill her glass, perhaps without even consciously thinking about it. She would wake up the next day with a headache.

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