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   lag bolts and hurricane clips
Monday, November 24 2008
With temperatures reaching back into the forties, the weather was much more pleasant today. In short order I installed all the floor joists for what will eventually be a second floor of the greenhouse. For now, though, they will serve as ceiling joists for the part not directly under the sloped south glass. These joists rested easily on the sillplate on their north ends, but to support their south ends I used four by 3/8 inch lag bolts (the kind with 9/16 inch heads). I didn't bother with joist hangers, which seem flimsy when compared to stout lag bolts. I got so hot cranking in those lag bolts that I had to shed my coat.
Later I installed the horizontal support beams that will eventually hold the rafters that will support the roof (which, for this season at least, will only be a few inches above that "second floor." The second floor won't become a reality until I jack the pre-assembled roof to its final height. To make that future day easier, I hinged the supports for the southmost rafter support beam. This will allow me to jack it up first from the north, build a wall beneath it, and then remove the hinges, jack up the south, and finish the walls of the second floor.
I'm about to start up the household boiler for the season (it's been off since early April), so I needed to purchase a soot-fighting stick of Phosphorus. While I was out getting that, I also bought nine ten foot two by sixes to use as rafters for the greenhouse. The only things I need now to finish the roof are eight pieces of five crimp galvanized steel roofing (two feet by ten feet), five sheets of 3/8 inch plywood, and eighteen hurricane clips. (I use hurricane clips as the only connection between the rafter support beams and the rafters; I don't bother to notch them or nail them otherwise.)

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