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   despite the weather and the recession
Saturday, November 15 2008
My greenhouse project began transitioning from masonry to carpentry today when I used four anchor bolts to attach a treated fourteen foot long two by six to the top of the north wall. (Like many other components in this project, that particular plank was salvaged.) I've been paying attention to the long range weather forecast, which says some unseasonably cold weather is on its way, and I'm hoping to wrap up the last of the masonry (which is now is down to setting anchor bolts) before it gets too cold for mortar to set.
On a related note, I'm wondering when Google is going to release I'd really love a fully-interactive weather site, one that allows me to pull a slider to show the anticipated tracks of isotherms, isobars, and fronts. I'd also like a site that doesn't make it difficult to find historical weather data. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to know what the weather was like on 9/11/2001 in Manhattan, NY (answer: a cloudless sunny day with a hint of autumnal briskness).
This evening Gretchen had arranged with Penny and David to do dinner and a movie in Rhinebeck, but the weatherman sent a series of torrential downpours our way, so we scaled down our evening to a dinner at the Reservoir Inn, which was packed despite the weather and the recession.

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