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Wednesday, November 5 2008

setting: West Village, Manhattan New York

This morning in Penny and David's apartment we found ourselves watching (and in some cases rewatching) video clips from last night, particularly Barack Obama's incredible victory speech. I also had to watch McCain's concession speech just to revel in Republicans being Sore Losermen.
On our way out of town, Gretchen and I first got some bagels at Bagels on the Square and then tried to get a newspaper with today's historic headlines, but all the newstands were sold out. It would have been possible to get a copy of the New York Post at a few places, but we wouldn't have been happy with anything but the Times. Later today I tried finding a copy of the paper at Stewart's in Hurley, but they were sold out of everything, even the Post.
On the way back to Hurley, I dropped Gretchen off at Eastern Correctional Facility just north of Ellenville and picked up a load of 26 concrete blocks and an 80 pound bag of mortar (a record) before pulling into our driveway.
In the end, though, I was only able to add four blocks to my greenhouse. I started too late, and it was nearly dark by the time I'd mixed the mortar. I ended up having to do the job with a headlamp. The weather was unusually balmy for a November evening.

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