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Monday, November 22 2010
The weather was mostly sunny and unseasonably warm today, encouraging outdoor activities. Perhaps this explains how I spent most of it.
For long swaths of time today I could be seen wearing headphones, listening to podcasts, and continuing with the conversion of large pieces of Ray and Nancy's grand former Silver Maple into an enormous neatly-stacked pile of firewood. Though eventually this work will have to be done, there's no real urgency; that wood is still green and won't be burnable until next year. So my work on it, when I really should have been working on other things, constituted procrastination. I found wood processing more engaging than a cleaning jihad I should have been giving more priority (we're having guests for Thanksgiving at our house this year) and I certainly preferred chopping wood to a chronic web project that refuses to die (and for which I pre-negotiated a grossly-inadequate piecework price). There couldn't be a starker difference between the straightforwardness of reducing large chunks of wood to stove-sized pieces and the the schizophrenic madness of engaging with dozens of headless PHP pages swarming in a massive undocumented proprietary platform abstraction framework.

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